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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a dealer?

A: Yes, CTAB is a fully licensed NJMVC dealer, bonded and insured.

Q: Where is our inventory?

A: Our inventory is small due to our limited space but we can find you a car in any price range. We have full access to purchase any new or used vehicle. We buy from Manheim Auction, wholesalers and dealerships.

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. Yes, we work directly with different banks to find the best rates and finance options available to you.

Q. Do you take in trades, or can you buy my car?

A. Yes, we will take in any trade or purchase your vehicle and ensure you the maximum allowance. We work with one of the largest wholesalers in the industry, which eliminates 2nd and 3rd parties.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just buy from a dealership?

A: What CTAB offers is service. Your time is valuable. We eliminate the haggling, inexperienced sales reps, aggressive sales managers and most of all the time spent at a dealership. No more waiting and getting passed around from department to department. We have relationships with every brand. We still encourage you to visit dealers to see what you want but your experience will lead you back to us. No inflation on pricing and trade values at CTAB. We offer real numbers and most of all we make sure the car you buy is perfect.

Q: Is your pricing comparable to dealers?

A: Absolutely. On new vehicles we make sure you purchase at the maximum discount allowed which includes all qualifying rebates and incentives. On a used vehicle it is hard to compare only because there are more factors such as equipment, mileage, conditions and vehicle history. However our pricing will be both aggressive and competitive with today’s market.

Q: What if I don’t like the car we selected from the auction or dealer?

A: It’s completely understandable that no one would want a car they didn’t like. Throughout our process it is CTAB goal to provide you with all the information from CARFAX/AutoCheck reports to vehicle condition. Condition reports provide pictures, damage if any, tire tread as well as how many keys it comes with. We don’t want any misinterpretation or disappointment. At the end our descriptions will match the product. If the vehicle is not as promised there is no obligation to buy. At CTAB we believe full disclosure goes both ways from sales to trades.

Q. What if the car needs repair or service?

A. Throughout our pursuit to find your perfect car, CTAB will inform you of any required repairs, maintenance or recon based on mileage and condition reports provided. We can gauge approximate fees you may incur prior to any purchases.

Q: Is there any warranty?

A: You will receive the balance of the factory warranty if applicable. Any vehicle in the state of NJ that is 10 years old based on current model year or has 100,000+ miles is sold AS-IS. CTAB does offer extended service contracts, GAP and Tire/Wheel Plans. We guarantee that all vehicles sold are updated with service needs to eliminate any 2nd party mechanic laundry lists.

Q. Can I have my own mechanic inspect the vehicle?

A. Yes, we have nothing to hide. We welcome you to invite your mechanic to inspect the vehicle with us or individually.

Q. How long does it take to find a car?

A. On a new car, pending on a dealer’s inventory and stock, if available, we can have it to you within 48 hours. Buying from auction, depends on your wish list, most cars run weekly. With special vehicles, time varies, most cases within 1-2 weeks, unless you’re searching for the diamond in the rough. As you can see on our Facebook post, CTAB finds and sells the rarest cars. We love a good challenge.

Q. How long has CarToyz been selling cars?

A. CTAB received its NJMVC dealer license in 2014. Since this time, we have sold approx. 20 – 30 cars per month thru our repeat customers and referrals.

Q. What is CarToyz?

A. CarToyz is an independently owned and operated car customizing shop, established in 1993. We define the meaning of everything for your car. I am confident to say, we are the only independent shop that offers the array of services from window tinting, car stereo, towing, transporting and detailing. Please take the time to read our bio.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Call or text James at (609) 338-8883 or Amy at (609)741-7686 or just stop in! Our hours are Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 10am-3pm. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

“Thank you for taking the time to consider CarToyz, Everything for Your Car and CarToyz Auto Broker. My team and I look forward to serving you from a window tint to placing you in your new dream car. And more importantly, building a long and lasting relationship.” – James Lin, HCIC