Car video entertainment systems are constantly going through various hi-tech improvements and innovations, one of which is the use of your sun visor as a car video LCD monitor screen. Another added car video innovation is the integrated DVD player in the sun visor. This makes the sun visor monitor a complete compact mobile video solution. The passenger in the front can now also enjoy the movie. Our selections of sun visor monitors can replace your standard vehicle’s factory sun visor. A professional CarToyz salesperson will guide you through the options and CarToyz will install your monitor system to perfection.


A Keyless Entry System allows you to lock and unlock your existing power door and trunk remotely by a push of a button. For visual verification, your parking lights will illuminate to confirm the system status. CarToyz can also install proximity sensing so when you are close to the car the door locks automatically open. This system is perfect for those shopping trips when your hands are full of packages. This system is excellent for the safety it offers in allowing you to enter your vehicle quickly with no hassles. If your vehicle is equipped with manual door locks, we can install power door locks so you can enjoy the convenience of keyless entry. A professional CarToyz salesperson will guide you through the options and a skilled technician will install your system to perfection.


We have a courtesy loaner vehicle at no charge for your convenience. Two 2015 Hyundai Sonata’sCarToyz is the only auto accessory shop to offer a loaner car and they are on site when you need a ride!


We understand you are busy, so we can arrange to pick-up and drop-off your vehicle for you or we can drop you off at work or home (within reason!) Car Toyz has a full-time driver and a dedicated shuttle van ready to go when you are ready!


CarToyz can have your factory stereo navigation system or amplifier working again. Most cases we can repair your problem before you have to purchase something new. A professional CarToyz salesperson will guide you through the decision of having your product repaired or having something new installed.


If you are looking to upgrade your vehicles factory cloth seats to leather or simply want to replace a worn factory leather interior, we can custom install leather interior in any vehicle and can make an impossible job, possible with our in house upholsterer. CarToyz uses only the best quality leather from Katzkin and a skilled technician will install your new leather interior to perfection!


Make a long trip short with your favorite gaming system. ACDC power converter allows you to bring any of your home video systems in the vehicle with you. CarToyz will discuss all of the options of in-car gaming and help you choose the perfect option for your needs. After you have selected the perfect option, CarToyz will install your in-car gaming system to perfection!


An alcohol ignition interlock prevents a vehicle from starting unless the driver provides a breath sample with a BAC lower than a preset level, usually.02. Interlocks typically are used as a condition of probation for DWI offenders, to prevent them from driving while impaired by alcohol after their driver’s licenses have been reinstated.


Let’s face it, keeping kids quiet in the backseat has always been a challenge. Parents and grandparents are “crying” for help, and headrest video delivers — both functionally and stylistically. In fact, from headrest bun design & construction to impressive electronics to gorgeous direct—from—the—factory looks, no one offers a better custom headrest program than CarToyz. Our value cannot be beaten. Complying to rigid car manufacturer standards with ease, style and sophistication, ours is a true vehicle-specific program like no other available today — meeting and/or exceeding stringent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards regulations. This is True factory Replacement at its best. Why is this important? Because owners shouldn’t have to settle on appearance just to keep the kids entertained. CarToyz uses premier brands like Audiovox, Visualogic and Rosen, make sure if you are shopping the competition they are quoting you the same reliable product and the second to none service provided by CarToyz.


Connect with your car like never before. Imagine being able to connect and communicate with your family’s vehicles each day. Knowing how fast or aggressively your teenage son is driving. Whether your daughter is using her cell phone in the vehicle, and you being able to restrict it. What if grandpa’s car could alert you whenever he drives outside of a predetermined safety zone. A professional salesperson at CarToyz will guide you through the options and help you make the right decision. Imagine knowing precisely what needs repairing when that frustrating “Service Engine” light comes on. Think about the money you’d save being able to verify your mechanic’s diagnoses. All of this — and so much more! — is now made possible with the innovative known as Car Connection. GPS Tracking so you can monitor a where your vehicle is or was at all times. Vehicle Health is monitored so that Car Link will text or email you any problems with your vehicle. Fuel Savings – monitors daily driving habits and generates reports and gives fuel savings tips. After you have decided on the system a skilled technician at CarToyz will install your system to perfection!




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